Our Advantages

Three levels of verification including syntax checks, domain checks and email address checks.
Facebook verification via Facebook account check with open email addresses.
Fast port 25 check and web script check if port 25 is blocked.
Advanced export wizard, a tool to save good email addresses and incorrect or unchecked email addresses.

Atomic Mail Verifier — Email Verification Software

Remove non-existent email addresses to increase email servers’ confidence in your messages.

Atomic Mail Verifier Main Features:

  • Three-level validation check
  • Facebook verification
  • Check unlimited lists of emails
  • Domain rules
  • Port 25 check
  • Verification through web script on a website
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Syntax check

The program starts the verification process by marking addresses that don’t comply with standard spelling rules. Emails like “bill#yahoo.com” or “kate!@$aol,com” and are removed from your list.

After this check, your mailing list will not contain addresses with typos or those that have been deliberately misspelled.

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Existence of the email address domain

If the domain does not exist, neither does the email address, so the system will skep the final verification level.

If the email is syntactically correct and the domain exists, then the system checks the existence of a specific email address associated with that domain.

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The last level of email address verification is to analyze the mail server response

The program attempts to send a message to the server and handles the response from the server. The response from the recipient’s server determines with great accuracy the validity of the recipient’s email address.

As a result of this effective three-level email verification process, Atomic Email Verifier allows you to eliminate the maximum number of nonexistent email addresses, as well as prevent the removal of real addresses.

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Checking emails on Facebook

The program allows users to check the existence of email addresses and their owners through Facebook. At the end of the process, you receive all public information available on the email owner’s personal Facebook page.

Customer Reviews

I tried out Atomic Mail Verifier to clean a rather large list of emails and it worked great. I tried 4 other products from other companies before this one and they did not work as well as yours. I am very happy I found your product.
Stephanie Turnbo
It is an amazing experience using Atomic Email Verified Software. Our business has increased tremendously just be spending a few dollars on email verification!!! The process of verification is faster than I had imagined. Thanks for making such a great product.
Muktadir Hamilton
The email verifier worked amazing for me! It helped me to reduce invalid email addresses by high accuracy and I have increased the delivery rate of my emails up to 95%! Great software! Highly recommended!
Daphne Hew

Updates Since 2006

Version 9.30 (2016-03-30)

  • Added a layer of verification through web script when your ISP blocks the Port 25d
  • Added the Export to CSV file function when using Export Wizard
  • Added the Verification start button

Version 9.21 (2016-02-18)

  • Added the random usage of MAIL FROM to the list
  • Added an additional display mode for the log
  • Verification process was improved
  • Some bugs were fixed

Version 9.20 (2015-12-25)

  • Fixed verification of Yahoo email addresses
  • Added the automatic detection if the port 25 is blocked
  • Automatic check of DNS servers list
  • New displaying of check statuses
  • Verification export results were re-designed
  • Added Latvian localization
  • Incorrect display of verification stats was fixed
  • A new feature of restoring the default settings was added
  • New program activation system was developed and added

Fast Email Verifier

Assists you in cleaning mailing lists. Checks email addresses via a three-tier system and excludes non-existent email addresses from the list. Through this system you can really increase the delivery rate of your emails to clients’ inbox folders.

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